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Hometown Hero | HHC Gummies | 50MG Each

Hometown Hero | HHC Gummies | 50MG Each

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Flavor - Strain

50mg of HHC for relaxing, cozy bliss

HHC or “hexahydrocannabinol” is a cannabinoid from hemp. For some, it can bring relaxation, euphoria, or even a sunny disposition, but the effects may vary.

But a 50mg gummy? Yes. When derived from hemp, HHC has an active and inactive forms which occur in a 1:1 ratio. So there’s 50mg total, but think of it as ~25mg being “active.”

Taste the deep, sweet candy delight of blue raspberry

Remember those decadent, refreshingly sweet slushes you’d have on a summer day? Think that, but in a gummy covered with crisp, flavored sugar…without your tongue turning blue.

And you’ll find no funky aftertaste here. That’s because we infused these edibles with HHC, which melds it into the fruity flavor and helps promote a more consistent experience.

Enhance your cannabinoid routine with HHC

You may already have a favorite cannabinoid. We all do. But sometimes, we need to throw something in “the mix” to keep things from getting stale, you know?

We recommend these HHC gummies, in particular to fans of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. Just remember to start with a low amount.

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